August 2, 2013

Never Trust a Transporter

Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut today posted a very interesting video about identity and the Star Trek Universe.  It discusses the philosophy of transporters as well as touching on Spock and if he was the same person after Star Trek III that he was before Star Trek II.  Not different as in ‘his character grew and changed because of his experiences,’ different as in ‘is he just a copy of the Spock we knew?’

He didn’t mention it, but a lot has been a lot of speculation as to wether or not the Enterprise is the same starship after its refit for The Motion Picture.  Ex Astris Scientia, Bernd Schneider‘s Trek website, has an essay detailing the structural changes Enterprise underwent, and I’m forced to wonder why Starfleet would bother with such a massive overhaul rather than scrapping the Constitution-class and designing a new starship from scratch.  

Anyway, check out both sites, and see some the outstanding work each has done.  

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